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Our Story

Caltra Moisturizing Soap, Pink Pack

As life-long fans of bar soap in preference to liquid soap, the Hanleys set up Caltra® Soaps in 2019 in the firm belief that a comeback for bar soap was underway in the UK as the need to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic bottles became more urgent because of the damage they were causing to our oceans in particular.

And so it has proved.

Caltra Carbolic Soap

they wanted to contribute to this change and they had a simple plan – create a quality moisturising soap bar with an appealing fragrance and an uber-cool functional soap dish to go with it, that together have the potential to replace hand wash liquid at the kitchen sink (where we wash our hands the most frequently) and in our bathrooms.

Moisturising Soap

Bar Soap

The Grocer New Products Awards 2021 Winner
Caltra Soap Dish

it has taken us two years but now, with our caltra® moisturising soap with glycerine
& olive oil and our caltra® original antibacterial soap dish
we believe that we have done that.